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    Hello everyone,

    I have been using DCS for a few months now and I'm still learning all the different things you need to learn. I just discovered your website as I was trying to get a flyable F35!! I'm running Openbeta and I've downloaded the files for the F35. I can't make it work and am getting frustrated. The file shows up in my installed files, but when I create a mission it plays like a movie or as some refer to it an AI. I can't get into the cockpit and control the aircraft. Anyway I'm glad to be here and I'm sure I will get things sorted out.

    I am 77 years young, i was a paratrooper in the Royal Canadian Regiment. I also obtained my first solo in Gliders a few years back, but had to stop because I moved to far away from the training site. I have seen quite a bit of the world, China, Europe, USA and of course all four corners of Canada. Still travelling when I have the money.