Flyable (Non-Module) MiG-21

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    • Flyable (Non-Module) MiG-21

      Hey Everyone,

      I'm new here and I'm American, so I apologize for using English. I really love the VSN mods. So much so, that I reverted to DCS 2.5.6 (download link below) in order to keep using them. However, I have a few questions:

      1. Has VSN made any kind of flyable MiG-21 that does NOT require a purchase from Eagle Dynamics?

      2. Would anyone know how to add radar to CubanAce's MiG-23UB (I'm sure you've seen it online elsewhere)?

      3. Would anyone know how to improve the current MiG-31 mod (by Robert, with refueling)? Right now, the plane can't climb to its realistic altitude (Something like 70,000 feet) and can't reach Mach 2.8. It stops climbing at a certain height, and it will not speed up like it's supposed to. I think that simply changing it to a "standard flight model" would help. Any ideas? I would really love to fly this thing in a more realistic way, even if the standard flight model kind of negates that! :)

      Link to DCS 2.5.6 (to continue using mods!) ---

      I really enjoy flying these Cold War era MiGs! I'd like to see more of them!