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  • Hello and welcome! In control options search for "Nose wheel steering " it should be assigned to LAlt +Q Happy flights

  • YF-12A Blackbird

    MeanDroid - - Mods


    Quote from cdpkobra: “At the moment the F-15C cockpit, as soon as I have time, I'll take the cockpit you see in the picture above and animate it. But with the F-15C avionics. ” I'm looking forward to this

  • Strongly suggest you to use "Easy Communication " in DCS options menu before you start the mission. During the mission: 1- Open communication menu "#", 2- select ATC + the airport name. 3- press inbound and request landing. The same procedure that you should do during day missions before you land. Happy flights

  • F-35 Lightning II

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    @Viper_2020 ...the answer is just above your question

  • It's funny I stopped updating DCS World since stable version But looking forward to future VSN releases lol

  • @Helifan123 I'm confused, Is the report button not working?

  • SFM mods in folder 2.5 X should still be working fine


  • Hello, Here to share the Virtual Air Race Series view And to announce the new racing aircraft Edge540 view - External Flight Model developed by aero - Custom Engine Model by Jazaero - Authentic Sounds - Clickable Cockpit - Digital Displays - l.e.d. Racing Light Indicator - Over a dozen liveries included - Fully supports virtual reality - Customizable cockpit Routine/Race Maps - Multicrew Functionality live cockpit feed And here the link for the VARS pillions Join us on Discord Designed by Grinne…

  • DCS without flying mods is so boring... Update: @cdpkobra I found some mods (Not VSN) that still work with no the ones from "virtual cockpits: The F-18E and the F-2A & B". ...and also mods named RST that look extremely like yours are made without the bin and no dll's. And they using the F-15 cockpit... I also found some mods working made in a similar way to yours but made with crypt dll's . Can send you links if it helps? So I guess there is still a way to keep your mods alive in…

  • Flyable FC3 Flieger mit 3D F-15C Cockpit

    MeanDroid - - Mods


    @ 'cdpkobra' Thank you for showing me that, I run the repair and took note of the: DCS Updater version - I tried loading the game with 1 mod VSN 2.5 spec. But game didn't loaded. - It didn't load with VSN_SEM either. - I tried Grinelli F-22 mod again and it loads but only work as cockpit. I used DLL from F-22 on VSN mod and works only as AI like the F-22. I tried already replacing the pit files using my game as source but only found Crypt files But don't worry about it as by th…

  • @cdpkobra DCS World standard 2.5.5 The starter updater... something to do with new key check system... i lost access to all VSN cockpit and all other flying mods, including the Grinelli F-22A with same problem... The update also removed some shortcuts from the game like the repair tool etc ...

  • New DCS updater update is crashing game when using mods... Tried replacing dll in mods but locked out of airplanes tried replacing with core fc3 found crypt files in fc3 instead

  • @OgarevicSD I think you need FC3 to be able to seat in cockpit.

  • Thank you so much for this great mods. I can confirm that all the 2.5.6 mods except the aircraft carrier are working perfectly in 2.5.5 stable version. And again thanks for the Easter egg f-14B that I can't afford. It is working on stenis from the ramp and it's brilliant

  • amazing work Thanks