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  • I notice the F35B has been updated. Does it have VTOL capability? I wish yeah

  • Sorry Cdpkobra, not sure what you mean by clock error. The problem is with A2A 120B C etc. I don't mind really as it doesn't spoil the fun. Cheers

  • F18 seems to be losing textures on certain rockets. They have green and black textures. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a way to fix this? Cheers

  • Hi cdpkobra The F18C and F18F work fine. All work fine apart from The F14A and B. I have looked at the comm lua files and seem to be the same. Every other VSN mod works. They have always worked up until now, but it must be something trivial.

  • Hi All The new F18B looks absolutely stunning. I have a problem with Viacom Pro where I do not get any responses when flying the F14A and B. All other VSN Mods work just fine. Is there some script I need to add to make this work?? Should i try a different panel like F15 as SU33 isn't working Cheers

  • Are there any more skins I can download that work with the F18 mod? I notice a good selection on DCS User files but not sure if they will work at all. I am looking at RAF skins mostly. Any info would be great.

  • Fantastic work. The planes seem so much better. Many Thanks

  • Flyable FC3 Flieger mit 3D F-15C Cockpit

    tmansteve - - Mods


    Thanks cdpkobra, I must look out for that. Cant say I saw anything happen. Will do another test tomorrow and report back. I know the F -14 works.

  • Just started with dcs 2.5 and now have to ask if the wing fold for the Tornado is working or not in the new upgrade? No worries if if it doesn't work, as this plane still looks fantastic. Cheers Steve

  • Update M2000 works a treat. Many thanks

  • Hooray At last, the Tornado wings fold again. Back to AltGR + L. Many thanks for all your help Flying Tonight

  • Thank you popChar and cdpkobra I have downloaded the plane again and watched your video. I noticed you selected the IDS and not the GR4 plane. Does it matter which I select? Hope this works. If not, I will be in touch and then pull my hair out ha ha

  • Sorry popChar, couldn't see your video. If you could put any of the key commands or just the wing fold keys that would be great. Any other info is appreciated

  • I did another test with the Tornado. When I use RCtrl + P, I here the sound of the Wing Fold but there is no animation. I have tested the F18A and F14A with no problems selecting the same key commands. Could there be a problem with the LUA file??

  • OK, thanks. Still unsure why the wing fold key doesn't work on the Tornado. Will look at my original input profiles and see if removing them and adding new will do it.

  • I have downloaded these. Thanks, I will try again. One thing, I have checked the version of my new DCS and it is: - Can you tell me if this is v1.5.6.02 ?? If not, then I should be using a lower version of VSN Cheers

  • I think I am right up to date with DCS I have installed the latest versions of both Tornado and M2000. If i press AltGR + L the lights come on under wings. I tried Rctrl + P, Rctrl + C etc but all they do is turn the lights on and off. The M2000 front wheel is buried in the tarmac and the rear wheels are solid. No movement. Should i delete the old keyboard profiles in Saved Games? I used the Rctrl + P for the F14 A and the wings folded OK. I also downloaded the Alt M2000, should i try th…

  • Checked the Tornado keys and no Wing Fold. F14 is ok

  • Just updated to 1.5.6 Planes installed great. A few problems : - What is the key command for wing fold for Tornado? The wheels on the M2000 don't go round as if the brakes are on, and the front wheel is still halfway into the tarmac. Wish mine looked like the pic above Any help would be gratefully received

  • Oh, thats fantastic work. Many thanks. Wish all forums were like this. When you have a problem, someone with knowledge answers. Helps out a great deal. Cheers Steve