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  • Flyable FC3 Flieger mit 3D F-15C Cockpit

    colgoss21 - - Mods


    Quote from cdpkobra: “The new patch changed everything again, now you need a script to mount the catapult. Test this version "VSN_F14B v2.5.6.02" is uploaded. ” Thanks so much works like a charm now

  • Quote from cdpkobra: “Temporary download link version 2.5.6 [url = 'https: // Key = dIIONyqs'] VSN Mods 2.5.6 TEMP [/ url] All mods revised and adapted to the DCS OpenBeta 2.5.6. The aircraft can now be attached to the catapult with "U". Please report errors here. Have fun ” How come when I am lined up I press U the catapult will hook up but it doesn't actually launch the plane. Trying with the latest F-14B version